Virtual Chief Information Officer Consulting

Avalon Systems Virtual CIO allows you to put the right person

in charge of your vital business systems,

giving you peace of mind...

Avalon Systems Virtual CIO provides:

  • Creation and oversight of policies
  • Selection of technologies to serve business needs
  • Creation and oversight of standards
  • Supervision of IT activities
  • Alignment of IT performance and organization’s objectives
  • Creation and oversight of the technology direction
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships


Small to mid-market companies often cannot afford the full-time services of a CIO, but they are still faced with the responsibilities a CIO normally fulfills. This typically becomes a burden on the wrong people, not to mention a risk to you.

An Avalon Systems Virtual CIO has the same expertise and capability of CIOs from big name companies, without the overhead of adding another top level executive. As a result, you know you have the right person in place.

  • Alignment between IT and business strategies = money in your pocket
  • Management of IT = satisfied workers
  • Business Risk Management = no sucker punch 
  • Defining IT technology standards = unified directio
  • IT security, Compliance and Governance = best practice
  • Key Performance Metrics established = return on investmen
  • Performance Status = happy staf
  • Resource Decision Making = minimized overhea
  • Management of Vendors and Contract Negotiations = better relationships
  • Board Advisor = blow your mind

A small business with basic technology needs might be able to temporarily survive by using cloud-based tools, your typical mom and pops IT support company, and good old-fashioned gumption. However, there comes a point for every company when someone other than the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) needs to make long-term and research-backed information technology (IT) decisions. Every company reaches this point at a unique moment in their growth and will need to answer the following questions: Is a tech lead needed before launch to manage information security? Should the company start to look for an IT lead once the internal operation becomes too cumbersome? What skills and experience should be listed on this person’s resume?

This is where Avalon Systems can step in and bridge the gap and provide our expertise.  Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) consultants are more than the fresh kid out of college…They understand the lines of business—strategically, politically, and financially. An Avalon Systems vCIO is someone who has navigated a corporate environment, worked outside of a digital environment, and can bring the clout of the C-level title.  He, or she, will help ensure that IT has an active and equal role in providing guidance as to what’s best for your business.

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