Avalon Systems Guarantee

Unlike nearly all IT Services Providers, Avalon Systems provides our customers with a Service Level Guarantee; including placing a Money Back Guarantee on our response times and resolution rates.

What does this mean to you and your business?  We at Avalon Systems put “our money where our mouth is.”  Our customers receive the highest and quickest response time because we know that business cannot wait for a systems issue to be resolved.  We back that with our Service Level Agreement and Resolution Rate Guarantee.  If we fall outside agreed upon standards we gladly refund a portion of your monthly support.  How often does this happen?  As of November 2018 – never.

Our Managed Services Agreement Guarantee

Depending on nature of the services being supplied hereunder, the Service Level Agreement or Commitment Scope is provided and shown below. A separate Service Level Agreement or Commitment Scope may be executed separately, and attached as an appendix to this MSA.

Service Level Agreements, except for the Platinum Plus SLA, are for services provided during normal business hours defined as Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 6 PM. Work performed outside of normal business hours must be approved by client and will be billed at 1.5 times the published Avalon Systems rate; which is currently $125 per hour.

Platinum Plus SLA services include 24 x 7 x 365 Remote Support and On-Site support Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 7 PM. On-Site support outside of these hours must be approved by client and will be billed at 1.5 times the published Avalon Systems rate: which is currently $125 per hour.

SLA Package(s)DescriptionResponse Time
BronzeTraditional Break Fix Non-managed devicesNone Guaranteed
SilverMonitored Devices without Help Desk6-8 Hour Remote & On-Site Support Billable
GoldMonitored Devices with Business Hours Help Desk and full Remote Support4-6 Hour On-Site Billable
PlatinumMonitored Devices with Elite Help Desk and full Remote and On-Site Support2-4 Hour All Inclusive
Platinum PlusMonitored Devices with Elite Help Desk with full Remote and On-Site Support and 1 Hour SLA1 Hour All Inclusive

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarantee (i.e., SLA Breach Penalty) If an Avalon Systems Engineer misses a scheduled appointment or arrives more than 15 minutes outside of an established Response Time (SLA Breach), your company may be eligible for a credit of up to $25 per instance related to individual staff system outages and $75 per instance related to business stopping outages.

Service Level Agreement includes Avalon Systems Engineer(s), Help Desk, Network Operations Center, and Security Operations Center staff first response and best effort to begin remediation of an identified issue regarding systems performance and/or outages. SLA’s do not provide a guarantee as to timeliness of complete resolution of an identified incident.

Example: Clients receiving Platinum Plus SLA receive response from a Tier 4 Technician within the first hour of an identified incident, when Tier 4 intervention is necessary.

Avalon Systems extends to our customers a resolution rate guarantee. Following the first 3 months of a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) Avalon Systems guarantee’s a resolution rate of 95% or better. Our process includes use of a Tier 1 through 3 remote help desk. This help desk may, at times, pass calls to our Tier 4 staff. Passing an incident from Tier to Tier is a normal process and falls within the 95%, or better, guarantee. Tier 4 may need to “call back” a customer and will do so within 10 minutes of having an incident passed to them.

As a client of Avalon Systems it is your responsibility to inform Avalon Systems Management when you believe an SLA Breach has occurred. Avalon Systems will investigate and provide customer with documentation either confirming, or disproving, claim.

NOTE: Project work falls outside this guarantee. However, project work does come with it’s own guarantee.

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